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Car failure
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Winter Ask:With Wyatt winter car abnormal sound, clutch how?
Manager Reply:You say, old car plastic ring may be because the winter thermal expansion and contraction of the reasons, resulting with the gap between the plastic parts. When the engine is working, jitter spread to the body, the friction between the plastic pieces, causing jitter phenomenon. You say neutral slide, said first the the neutral slide when EFI car, engine, or to keep the idling condition, or in fuel consumption.
Doll Ask:The Jetta car speed is too high there will be breathing phenomenon how to do?
Manager Reply:Jetta high speed instability generally incorrect valve timing, ignition timing deviation related as Times camshaft sensor failure to prove that the crankshaft and camshaft signal deviation, troubleshooting the sensor itself, you need to carefully check the ignition timing andmechanical assembly with gas-phase problems.
Apprentice Ask:Chery Tiggo lift the clutch abnormal sound how to do?
Manager Reply:Your problem is on the clutch, the first combined vibration may be derived from the wear of the splines, if detecting a transmission input shaft splines excessive wear should be replaced, and then the engine flywheel is not flat will have vibration problems. Feeling frustrated and then refuel oil revenues should be derived from the gap of the transmission system, and related multi-and four-wheel drive system components, should focus on examination of the drive system and suspension system gap.

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