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  Cixi Fangjia Auto Parts Co., manufacture of FANGJIA brand oil pump ,plastic cooling fans and filter cleaner assembly,etc.Since 1995,the year of its establishment,our plant has been continuously innovative,enthusiastically introduced talents,and grown into an entity with an over 20000-square metre floor space,possession of high quality engineering personnel and workers,with a yearly production capacity at 1 million oil Transfer pump assemblies and 1 million-unit electrical fans.Based on the present powerful strength our plant is trying its best to be a leading example for the domestic manufacturers of this kind.
  With China’s entrance into WTO and gradual growth of the domestic automobile parts market we have also introduced advanced equipment and are also successful to obtain a brisk sale across our motherland and sell our products of this sector to Southeast Asian and Middle East countries by means of the 1st class quality,competitive price and perfect after-sale services,making a good foreign exchange return and profit every year along with high appraisal and keen appreciation from the users.Furthermore,our plant has set up sales net points in all the major domestic auto parts markets,which has resulted in a further spreading of our plant’s name and social prestige,laying a more solid foundation for a fly-up high of our enterprise and making a still bigger contribution to the development of China’s auto industry and its going to the world.
  Upholding the philosophy of not for the best,but always to keep improved,we extend a warm welcome to the people from all walks of life and customers from home and abroad,inviting your visits,guidance,opinions and suggestions for common development.
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